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Privacy policy and cookies

website GAL.com.pl

Gal as the operator of the website www.gal.com.pl respects data concerning Internet users and business cooperators. For that reason here we would like to present coherent and unambiguous rules of how information on visiting website is collected, stored and identified. Entering and using our website means acceptance of our privacy policy. Policy given below contains entries about copyright law regulations as well as ‘cookies’ policy .

Personal details

GAL company with headquarters in Poznań is the administrator of all personal details given in the course of using the website and sending application form to us. We care about the safety of all information that is sent to us and for that reason we secure that no intrusive person or organization receive the right to use any details that have been entrusted to us. Each person or organization is ensured to use the rights stated in Personal Data Protection Act dated 29/08/1997 (reference in Polish law: Dz.U. nr 133, pozycja 883), especially the right to look up the details, change any part of it or ask for deleting any of the information stored. 

Data collection

We receive information about our Clients and Customers via various means, such as: application and inquiry forms on our websites, services and through direct communication.

Data security

GAL company secures the safety of all information given by customers and contractors and guarantees that no details are used differently than stated here or published. All the details are stored in secure environment with the use of equipment that allows protection from intrusive access.

Cookies policy

Our website does not collect any data about the users apart from the use of cookies files as well as Google Analytics anonymous data collection system.

So called cookies files are pieces of information, especially text files, that are stored at the device of end user and are only used for Internet browsing. Cookies usually contain the name of the website that the user have visited, the time of storing it at end user’s device and unique file number. It is GAL company only who will use the information collected through that kind of files.

What are cookies files used for:

1)  Adaptation of the content of the website www.gal.com.pl to make the website easy and convenient for the users in terms of the time spent to find particular piece of information. These files especially enable recognizing what kind of device the end user has and selecting appropriate resolution for displaying content of the website.

2) For creating statistics reports, which help later on in analyzing and understanding how users of the website “move” within the website net. All these actions have one goal: to constantly improve the website structure and make it “user friendly” and allow finding desired information as quickly as possible.

Throughout the website the following types of cookies files are used: essential cookies files, which enable using services available on the website (for example authentication files) and also files that are used for measuring the effectiveness of website in terms of content and structure according to which the website is built and for remembering chosen by the visitor of the website settings and personalized interface changes.

Usually many internet browsers as a default setting allow the usage of cookies files at the device of the end user. Website user may introduce changes to these settings of cookies files by choosing certain options to automatically block sending out any information about the use of the internet websites. Another way is informing each new website user about the use of cookies files. Detailed information on how to deal with that kind of files and how to change the settings are available in options of browser settings which may differ according to browser supplier. Some limitations set for the browser may have influence on the way the website functions or may restrict usability of some functions of the website.

For more information check section “Help” in browser menu and here below you can find instructions for most common internet browsers on how to turn the cookies files off:

  • users of the Internet Explorer browser should choose “Tools”, then “Internet options” and then in section concerning Privacy select Advanced and turn off cookies files
  • users of the Mozilla Firefox browser should choose “Tools” and then “Options” and set their desired security level in Privacy section
  • users of the Google Chrome browser should choose “Options” from the menu on the right and the go to “Advanced settings” and change settings in “Cookies files settings

Trade information

Administrator of the website reserves the right to send messages without former notification to business partners, whose contact details have been gained through the way described on this website. That also includes information directly connected with the way our website operates or with all information of non-commercial type as well as commercially used files (for example: Christmas wishes, offers). Each user of our website automatically agrees to receiving messages from us.


Materials included in the content of www.gal.com.pl cannot be used for other websites without written agreement. These are all materials that are protected by copyright law and coping and spreading it without previous approval of the owner of the website is against the law.

Changes in privacy policy

GAL company reserves the right to introduce changes in the Privacy Policy except for the changes in the extract about the protection of personal details itself. GAL encourages all the users and especially its business partners to check from time to time the updated Privacy Policy to make sure how well the data is secured.