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Nomination for prestigious prize of GOLD OTIS 2014

With great pleasure we would like to inform all our clients and customers that one of our products has achieved a nomination for GOLD OTIS award, which is highly respected award in pharmaceutical industry in Poland.

GOLD OTIS is the most important consumer award in pharmaceutical industry. The idea of this prize came from GOLD OTIS – The Institute of Trust. This association gathers the most respected doctors and scientists in our country who come together to actively promote health care and health protection. The institute initiates many events for health promotion in Poland as well as abroad.

The product that has been nominated is the outcome of our efforts throughout the years in manufacturing the best quality products.

From the very beginning that GAL company started operation there is one main goal – caring about our customers’ needs in terms of their physical and mental wellness. This is why we manufacture products based on natural ingredients, which recipes and formulas are developed by our team of qualified specialists in our laboratory with the latest technology equipment. Coldressed evening primrose seed oil is fully safe in use and it is a product of highest quality.

The aim of this product is to supplement everyday diet with essential unsaturated fatty acids of Omega-6 family, especially GLA acid, which is helpful in keeping the skin healthy, flexible and good-looking.

Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids have beneficial effect on circulatory system and they help in keeping the right level of triglicerides in blood.

Evening primrose seed oil has a good influence on circulatory system, it lowers the level of cholesterol and helps in healthy hormone system. Taking evening primrose seed oil is especially recommended for women in their pre-menstrual phase.

Gold Otis is annually awarded to preparations that are highly assessed by professionals from medical . Our company has been awarded with this prestigious prize in the past for our well-known GAL cod-liver oil in capsules. Receiving a nomination for this award again this year is a great honour but it is consumers who will decide which product will be finally chosen. We believe that all our consumers, who already had the chance to find out about unique properties of our evening primrose seed oil in capsules will take part in voting to show their support for our product.