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GAL cod-liver oil chosen the best product in its category!

With great pleasure and joy we can inform you that one of our top products – cod-liver oil has achieved the title of the best cod-liver oil available on Polish market. This is the result of the survey conducted via Internet by Grey Tree Agency.

For the research we used a professional poll platform supplied by LabSee Laboratory. Research was divided into a few parts to gather information systematically and to analyze it thoroughly as the final step. In the research took part 1005 people, who through the use of new technology tools had the possibility to respond to the questions given in a very short period of time. More than 60 % of the respondents, answering the question: “Which manufacturer in your opinion offers cod-liver oil products that are most suitable for the needs of Polish consumers?” indicated GAL company as their answer. At the same time, more than 90 % of the participants said that cod-liver oil by GAL company is the best dietary supplement in liquids category.

It is extremely important for us to know that our products are appreciated by our clients and customers, but at the same time we still  try to find better and better solutions each day. Our priority is to deliver products of highest quality and to satisfy our clients’ needs, whether these are the needs that we already know very well or the ones we are about to know. Therefore we constantly investigate what are the requirements towards  dietary supplements and we care about opinion of each person who is truly interested in finding natural products and natural solutions to their health issues. To make sure that we are ahead of our competitors we check very carefully latest solutions when it comes to manufacturing and laboratory equipment.