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About the company

S.P.R.P. GAL is a family run pharmaceutical company that has been on the market for over 20 years now. Its equity capital is 100% Polish. From the very beginning GAL specialized in production of pharmaceutical preparations based on natural ingredients, whose formulas are prepared by a team of experts in a high-tech chemical and microbiological laboratory.

The results of their work are innovative pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and cosmetics formulas, which in large measure make use of beneficial qualities of fish and plant oils. To provide best quality and nutritional assimilation of ingredients used in production, oils are obtained solely by mechanical means in special conditions, cold-pressed, with no access of light and air. Seeds used for pressing come from organic plantations, which are located in so called “green areas of Poland”, where no industry has ever developed. Crops are constantly monitored for heavy metals accumulation, so plants used in production are pesticides and herbicides free.

The company is flexible in meeting the changing market needs. Since setting up the company till today GAL’s product assortment includes oil-based bio-pharmaceuticals made of evening primrose seeds, pumpkin seeds, borage seeds, wheat and corn. Meeting our Clients needs we have introduced a full range of products containing essential unsaturated fatty acids, which source consist mainly from fish oils, i.e. cod liver oil, Greenland shark liver oil and sardine fish oil. Organic cosmetics made of evening primrose oil and tea tree oil make up a very important component of our company offer.

One of the factors of our success is flexibility in adjusting technical solutions to manufacturing needs as they arise, and in consequence flexibility in accommodating dynamically changing market demand. This way our company has become an expert in the production of soft gel capsules, used for almost all our preparations. Such form of encapsulation of the pharmaceutical or cosmetic lets us increase their durability and prevent oxidation of their precious active constituents, which are crucial for the product’s properties and its therapeutic effect. Preparations have different size, shape and colour.

Our Client’s positive opinion and approval of GAL products confirms, that combination of organic components used in manufacturing process and state of the art encapsulation technology meets the expectations of people taking care of their health and beauty.


GAL company is the owner of 2 modern production plants situated in Poznań. The plants are equipped with fully automated production lines for encapsulation and packaging provided by Pharmagel Engineering and Campak. GAL company manufacturing process is supervised by modern quality control laboratories, which constantly control microbiological cleanness of products, rooms and staff as well as Physic-chemical quality of the final product. Regular check-ups are also carried out by State Sanitary and Pharmaceutical Inspection Services.

As for its structure the company comprises of three manufacturing departments: pharmaceutical preparations department, dietary and cosmetic preparations departments. All departments are well-equipped with modern encapsulation processing lines produced by Pharmagel, an Italian company, which is certified for compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP system are implemented in our production plants.


From the beginning the company GAL takes an active part in trade fairs, symposia and scientific meetings on natural medicine and cosmetology, which is often recognized for original, innovative and completely natural preparations.

In 2003 the company was awarded the GAL HIGHEST QUALITY trademark by Greater Quality Research Association for a high standard of manufactured drugs of natural origin and a wide range of cosmetics in capsules.

Awards and Honorable Mentions.

Social Responsibility

Apart from extension of market shares, GAL is also aware of its social responsibility. Therefore, we are involved in charity activities and we support local initiatives.

In years 2007-2008 the company decided to meet the needs of pupils and established “IQ Academy” campaign, the purpose of which was to increase ability and speed of learning as well as to enhance attention among kids aged 10-11.